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Eugene, Grace, & Lexi  



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Our Story

The memory of when we first started dating may be getting a bit hazy, since it was ages ago, but the special moments will always be etched into our life story. It was some seven years ago, when we were mere students at a proud state university, that we were about to cross paths and fulfill our destiny together. The simple origin story was that we were introduced by a friend. It was not an eruption of fiery love like Hollywood portrayals, but a steady growth of joyful moments and trying times. It wasn't until years later that we began to realize that we could not live apart from each other, and that we were willing to work through life’s challenges together instead of on our own. Six years of dating later, on the sandy beaches of San Diego with the setting sun’s rays shimmering down, I asked my lovely lady to join me in this promise to live life as one...


My story-telling isn't as creative as Eugene's but I will try my best. Eugene and I met nearly 7 years ago at UMCP...and well the rest is history, as they say. Although our relationship started as a college fling, it really started to grow into something deeper and it was God's faithfulness that has seen us through all these years. If you know us, then you know that we are almost always together. So believe me when I say that Eugene's proposal came to me as a complete surprise. It will for sure be a memory I cherish forever. That brings us to today and the next couple of months before we tie the knot. Our story isn't very complete without all of the family and friends who have supported us, so thank you...


Wedding Party


Jane Mun


Jane and I also met at the end of high school. And boy could I tell you some stories about Jane that would make you laugh (but I won’t…because her stories probably outweigh mine anyways). Jane and I also became very fast friends and even though we were miles apart in different states, we have kept our friendship strong for years now. We can pick up a conversation at any time and still talk about anything and everything for hours. I admire so much about Jane and I am so blessed to have her in my life!

Stacy Choi


Stacy and I first met in middle school (2001-2002??) As you can imagine, we were quite different back then but those memories are what make our friendship so great! Stacy is the epitome of a great and loving friend and I am positive that any of her friends would attest to that. It’s so crazy to think that so many memories have passed but I know that the best ones are still yet to come. I am just so grateful for our continued friendship throughout the years :)

Cristina Chow


Cristina and I met at UMCP our freshman year. We were sisters (sorority sisters, that is!) and roommates. I remember venting (a lot) to Cristina in college. She's probably heard all of the (good and bad) stories of Eugene and me. We shared SO many memories in college and we always have a blast reminiscing about them now. And even though we don’t get to see each other too often post college, I think I always knew that we would continue our friendship until we were old ladies (we swore we were “grandmas” in college…).

Donna Ryu

Maid of Honor

Donna and I first met at the end of high school. We became fast friends and I remember being so excited to attend UMCP with her in the Fall. I even dragged her out to a sorority rush event :) Even with our busy lives, Donna and I made the time to catch up and talk for hours. I am grateful for all of my friendships but I am especially thankful to have a strong-willed, honest and loving friend like Donna and I am so honored to have her by my side!

Fred Yi

Best Man

My big bro, Frederick Sengho Yi, the one and only. The list of childhood memories with Freddie would go on endlessly as you can imagine. And what more can I say besides stating the fact we lived under the same roof, were cared for by the same parents, and share common genetic makeup. Freddie is one of the most creative and talented human beings I know. I now see that while growing up, I would try to follow his creative footsteps, such as joining orchestra and GT Art, because I respected that part about him a lot. Of course, I never told him that, and I failed miserably at those endeavors. Anyway, being only a year apart, we spent very little time apart from each other growing up, allowing us to share in the best and worst times of our youth. Even though we live separately presently, we will have this brother bond forever. End of story.

John Park


One of the couple guys that I practically knew my entire life. Our moms became friends someway or another, so then we became friends. I witnessed John’s life through many phases of growth, as he did mine. Some scary stuff. We became close through sports, as he was the rare person that was readily available to throw or shoot around. These were times we could open up and just speak our minds, which would sometimes cause friction. He would often criticize me, but I realize now that his words fueled me to become better, which was something I needed. John also hates anything publicly sentimental. I love you man.

John Choi


Where to begin with this guy.. I’d like to bring up our first encounter: a high school church basketball tournament, where I lit up John’s team for 24 points. We never really acknowledged each other at that time. But we crossed paths again during college in the elevator of our shared dorm building, on our way to the CRC of all places. Story of my life. He was this goofy kid, easy to talk to, relatable beside the fact he’s a Delawarean, and surprisingly intelligent. With those characteristics, we became close, becoming roommates sophomore year, and staying roommates until the end of my college career. Looking back at it, we were some dumb kiddos (fondest memory being trying to hack the dorm coin-laundry machines), but it was like growing up with a brother in this new world called college life. Don’t tell my real brother.

Wesley Wang


Distinctly remember meeting this guy at the CRC, story of my life, freshman year through another friend I met earlier that year. He became very much excited to play with me since I was such a beast on the court. Wes seemed to be the one guy that accompanied me through all phases of my college life; from lifting at the gym, to going to KCM, to dominating women studies, to hitting up Thirsty Turtle (at the legal drinking age), to becoming short term roommates.  We remained close after graduation, and he was always someone I could talk to about deeper issues. Thanks friend.

Dennis Tsai


Saw this dude at the CRC, story of my life, I know. But unlike the other Asian basketballers, I didn’t really hang out with Dennis until very late in our college years. Even then, it was through mutual peoples. It was actually after graduation that we talked consistently because we were going through similar trials, namely, unemployment and online poker tilt-age. It grew from there, and now he’s someone I talk to almost every day about anything, from in depth financial and life talks, to the dumbest back and forth name calling imaginable. We actually talk enough to make Grace jealous. That’s something.


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